Orlu Senate: Nwangele, Nkwerre,Oru East Agog, As Imo West LP Senatorial Candidate, Chief Charles Ahize Inaugurates Ward Coordinators And Foot Soldiers

Posted on November 21, 2022

Nwangele, Nkwerre, Oru West agog, as Imo West LP Senatorial candidate Charles Ahize inaugurates Ward Campaign ‘Footsoldiers’ for 2023 .

Vows to recover Orlu zone


The Imo West (Orlu zone) Labour Party (LP) Senatorial candidate for the February 25, 2023 general elections, Chief Charles Ahize (Akpuruka n’Orlu) earlier in the week continued his frantic journey towards becoming the next Senator to represent Orlu zone at the Red Chambers of the National Assembly come 2023, as he inaugurated carefully chosen Ward Coordinators alongside other members of his Campaign Organization at the three LGAs viz; Nwangele, Nkwerre and Oru West amidst wild jubilations by the entire people of the areas visited.

The events, which attracted who is who in the three Council areas of the zone, also witnessed lots of fanfares, accolades, colourful celebrations depicting victory for the Labour Party and all her candidates in the forthcoming Presidential, National and State House of Assembly elections in the country come February and March 2023.


Precisely, Tuesday afternoon, when the entourage of the Orlu Senatorial candidate for Labour Party, Chief Charles Ahize arrived the Umuokpu Town hall at Abajah Nwangele, venue of the colourful event, the atmosphere was charged for the eventful occasion, as entire 11 lNEC electoral wards in Nwangele emptied into the venue to receive LP candidate and Orlu Recovery Mandate team with pomp and circumstance.


Same was replicated when the train of Chief Ahize Campaign Organization safely landed in Nkwerre, the sister LGA and hometown of one of the hot contenders to the seat and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, Rt Hon Jones Onyereri, as well as the sister LGA of the incumbent Governor, Senator Hope Uzodimma, Oru West, precisely at Mgbidi, yesterday, Thursday, November 17, 2022.


It was visibly clear to all attendees at the occasions that the Labour Party candidate, Chief Ahize has become a rallying point for the party in Orlu zone and lmo State in general, as his name and ambition now become the talk the town in Orlu zone and lmo State, given his acceptability said to be occasioned by his antecedents, as he was said to have caused so many positive changes in the zone and beyond in his private life, hence, decided to seek political office to further widen his philanthropic gestures in the society.

Speaking at the well organized and attended occasions, firstly at Nwangele LGA prior to the inauguration of his Ward Campaign coordinators, Chief Ahize told the people of the area that the only shortcut to end bad governance in the country and ineffective representation in Orlu zone in particular which he alleged has plunged the entire country and lmo West into untold hardship and enthrone egalitarian society, was to ensure the people of Nwangele dust their Permanent Voter’s Cards (PVCs) and vote in new breeds of LP candidates ranging from the Presidency with Mr Peter Obi as the candidate and himself for the Senate seat, Barr Nwugo and the Assembly candidate for LP during the February and March general elections respectively, adding that the alleged plan by the APC Government to introduce the obnoxious RUGA agenda in the State will be averted.He regretted that APC government turned Orlu zone people to refugees, adding that over two decades PDP and APC have held sway in Nigeria, the hope of the people have been dashed, urging the people a

of Nwangele to entrust power to Labour Parry for just 4 years and verify her credibility.


He vowed to recover Orlu zone which he alleged has been in disarray, stressing that he can not help stop the alleged carnage going in Orlu zone as a private person, rather he needed to ascend the office as a Senator to use the paraphernalia of the office to turn things around in the area.According to him,” if you vote LP in Nwangele, you have voted for a better Nigeria”.

At Nkwerre LGA, while inaugurating his footsoldiers too, the lhioma Orlu-born LP Senatorial candidate Chief Ahize, who disabused the minds of the people of the area that he was not in any way ‘planted’ by the APC Government in Labour Party, explained passionately that at above 60 years, he was old enough to be used by any mortal man to deceive his own people of Orlu zone whom he said he cherishes so much and making sacrifices to ensure better life for them, noting that he can not be dragged to court by APC and PDP seeking for his disqualification from the race, yet, he is being accused of being sponsored by same parties, describing the insinuation as lies from the pit of hell,as according to him, he can not identify with a party that has ‘destroyed’ and relegated the youth of the area.”They’re jittery! I am going to be the Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria”, Ahize enthused.He vowed to ensure the House of Representatives and Assembly candidates for the Federal and State constituency Barr Nwugo and Arc Oge Emmanuel Odor when elected by Nkwerre do not derail from giving the people of the area quality representation alongside himself to better the areas. He urged the people of Nkwerre to join forces with him in ensuring Labour Party is given an opportunity to hold the reins of power for four years to verify the party’s performance.


In his own speech earlier, at various LGAs of Nwangele, Nkwerre and Oru East, the Director-General, Ahize Campaign Organization, Hon Dr Charles C Ubah, told the ward Coordinators of the LGAs that they are the eyes of the Party in their respective wards, even as he asked them to go down their various wards to inaugurate their booth warriors while carrying other Labour Party candidates alone.He reminded the ward coordinators that what the party need in the 2023 elections is clinching the four seats of the Presidency, NASS and State House of Assembly.”Ensure you do your job as coordinator by engaging in door-to-door campiagn”, Ubah maintained.


Speaking too, the Spokesperson of Ahize Campaign Organization and a former Political Adviser to Governor Hope Uzodimma, Chief Dr Batos Nwadike (OYI OF IGBILAND), described LP as party with three distinctive features viz; Mission, Vision and Provision (MVP) as well as presenting the people of Nwangele, Nkwerre and Oru West with a good Senatorial product as its candidate as well as other candidates of the Party.He explained the that party’s candidate, Chief Ahize has achieved a lot for the people even without holding any political office in the past through his Charity Organization, recalling how the LP candidate saved the lgbo sons at the Oshodi popular market in Lagos as well as his singular role in the then APO six in Abuja.


Dr Nwadike, further described Chief Ahize as a candidate with the capacity, competence and contact, noting that he does not require any sort of introduction when he emerges the Senator for lmo West to achieve result for his People.He, also, described Chief Ahize as one who has used his personal wealth to defend the lgbo cause, enjoining the people of Orlu zone to use their votes to cast out APC from the seats in the February elections.



Speaking at Oru West LGA prior to the inauguration of the coordinators by DG of Ahize Campaign Organization, the Oru West Labour Party Chairman, Chief Humphrey Nkele Ngwonye, described Chief Ahize as a David , who emerged at the old hours of the time, stating that his decision to contest the election is most welcome, adding that he is optimistic that Chief Ahize will not only win the election, but will win with wide margin, expressing confidence he will rewrite the chequered history of Orlu in the history of Orlu in the Hallowed Red Chambers of the National Assembly.


The House of Representatives candidate for Oru West/Ohaji/Egbema/Oguta Federal Constituency, Hon Ezenwa Collins lloh, described Ahize as a man respected for his openness, charity and antecedents.He assured of victory for Chief Ahize in Oru West and the entire Federal Constituency.


Also, speaking, the LP House of Assembly candidate for Oru West Stare Constituency, Hon Princess Evang Chika Uju, described LP as a party destined for salvation of Nigerians, noting that Chief Ahize is an instrument God will use to deliver his people.


Other speakers at the event who spoke passionately proclaimed Ahize and other LP candidates in Orlu zone as ripe candidates for the seats, noting they are politicians with conscience.


The spokesman of Ahize Senatorial Campaign Organization Dr Batos Nwadike,also described the Labour Party candidate as a man God has brought to deliver Orlu zone from the bondage of bad representation, stressing that Chief Ahize is already is Senator by the direction of God.He lashed candidates of other political parties who pride themselves as being capable of occupying principal positions as ranking members as reasons to seek reelection, noting Chief Ahize does not need introduction to making impact at NASS.


In his own, Chief Ahize thanked the people of Oru West for turning out in their numbers.


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